• Therapy Benefits to Your Overall Health

  • Despite the great strides made in the field of medical health today, many people still feel that there’s a stigma attached to psychological therapies. This is extremely unfortunate, as the myths and misconceptions around mental health and therapy are easily debunked, yet they can prevent those who need it most from getting the treatment that they need.

    Therapy is often seen as the preserve of a wealthy and neurotic elite, but the truth is that most of us could benefit from therapy at some point or other in our lives. It is incumbent upon us all to take care of every aspect of our health from the physical to the emotional and the spiritual.

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which most of us could benefit from therapy for our overall health and how the services of a trained and experienced counselor like Marlon Blanks from Resolutions Behavioral Health Therapy might benefit you.

    It ensures that you always have someone to talk to

    Every day we encounter anger, frustration, hurt, upset and disappointment. They can stick to us and while we may not notice their effects straight away they have a tendency to keep on sticking to us day after day. Over time they can congeal into a mass of hurt, pain and anxiety that weigh heavily on us.

    This weight can prevent us from living our loves the way we want to. It can keep us at home when we really want to see friends or go to the gym. It can damage the way in which we see ourselves and erode our confidence and sense of self-worth. It can cause us to become hindered or even trapped by our anxieties.

    Talking to a trained professional prevents this from happening. A professional counselor knows the right questions to ask to help you to unshackle yourself from the weight of these quotidian upsets and helps you to deal with them in a productive and healthy way. What’s more, there’s a great deal of comfort in simply having someone to talk to.

    It gives you the tools you need to navigate obstacles

    Therapy also gives you the tools and strategies that you need to break damaging habits and deconstruct unhelpful thoughts before they can do damage to our psychological and emotional help. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a great example of this.

    Therapy empowers you by giving you the ability to overcome the obstacles you face on a daily basis. It can give you the strategies to overcome addiction, combat depression, liberate yourself from anxiety and put paid to habits and behaviors that make you into someone who you don’t want to be.

    It empowers you and fills you with confidence

    When you have the tools and strategies that you need to live a happier, healthier life, you feel much more confident and empowered. You are able to feel a control over your life and your future that you may not have felt in a long time. Therapy empowers change with faith commitment and work”

    In short, therapy puts you back in the driver’s seat!

    It’s for everybody

    We don’t believe that therapy should be simply for a privileged few. We believe that it should be for everybody. That’s why serve the needs of all people from children aged 12-18 to seniors over the age of 65. We also accept a range of insurances including Medicaid Fee for Services, Medicare, Military (Tricare West) and Silver Summit.

    Take control of your life and your health through therapy, get in touch with us today and start working your way to a healthier, happier and more empowered yoU!