• Coaching

  • I coach Accountability, Action, Confidence, Discipline, Motivation, and Purpose. I help my clients set goals and hold them accountable for reaching their goals. Before I became a clinician in Michigan, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah 18 years ago, I was a fitness personal trainer and motivational speaker for 13 years in Michigan and Arizona. It was my purpose to help men, women, and children reprogram their thoughts and emotions specific to health & fitness, selfcare, and self-growth. I provide goal-setting plans for improving mental health, health & fitness, self-care, and self-growth. My coaching intervention is different from behavioral health interventions because I provide an objective approach with regard to accountability and sacrifice. Your family and friends cannot be objective enough that’s why you should hire a coach. Let me see… You often internalize your deepest thoughts of failure and helplessness because you don’t want to burden your family and friends. You feel your family and friends doubt your ability to make needed changes in life. Depression and stress are not severe enough for you to seek intervention; however, your feelings of helplessness and lack of motivation are. My coaching style will help you take a hard look at yourself and stop babying your fear to make changes and sacrifices. TAKE ACTION! If you can spend extra money on unhealthy foods or shopping on Amazon, you can spend extra money on positive change for yourself. Take that time you spend on worthless dates, social media, texting your friends, watching pornography, and schedule an appointment.  Be free of self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Let me help you find the best version of yourself. Coaching can take place in an office setting or online. I coach clients in all the states I practice as a clinician.

  • My initial coaching consultation is $150 which includes a written assessment and goal setting plan. $100 for a 70-minute session includes goal setting review, coaching insight, and written progress notes.

    Disclaimer-If you have a mental illness such as major depression, bipolar, generalized anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, etc., your needs are better served in my behavioral health department. The focus is achieving goals and full respectful transparency on areas of improvement. However, achieving goals also comes with words of affirmation and positive feedback.